The birdsongs

There are currently about 4,000 different species of songbirds worldwide.

It is common knowledge and widely publicised that songbird populations are declining at an alarming rate year after year and that many of their species are threatened with extinction.

Global ecological development with the loss of nature and habitats, the increase in efficiency-oriented agriculture and the associated insect mortality, as well as global warming are the decisive factors.

Birds are indicator species that serve as a highly sensitive barometer for the state of the environment, and their massive decline signals that the earth’s biological systems are in trouble.

Protecting songbirds is not only for the preservation of these creatures that bring us all joy, but it is also in our own interest, because trouble for the birds means trouble for us.

“Birdsongs” can only be a small contribution to the protection of our habitat, but it is precisely the contribution that is available to us as artists and creators of culture to create awareness and sensitivity for the continued existence of these unique, fascinating creatures that have been delighting us humans with their beauty time and again since time immemorial.